How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2020

Instagram Verification Badge

This is a very common question of Instagram users because everyone wants to get their account verified in 2020. Verified accounts show the genuineness and authenticity of the users. It provides social proof and the credibility of the account.

Instagram verified means that your account is the presence of the celebrity, global brand, or notable public figure. It provides the little checkmark with a blue color seal. It’s just a type of Instagram verified badge. You can verify your Instagram account by personal account or a business account.

Bluetick is a sign of authenticity that shows on your profile just after your username. It also shows when somebody searches your name. This is helpful for the user to believe that your account is real and genuine. It helps to differentiate between the celebrity account and fan accounts.

Instagram verification is just a badge of notable.

instagram blue tick

Who is eligible to be verified?

Normally people think that Instagram verification is easy to get which is not correct. Instagram verification works for the public interest. Specifically, your account must be in the public figure, celebrity, or global brand.

According to Instagram terms and conditions, and the community guidelines provides to whom is eligible for the verification on the Instagram account.

Your account must be:

Genuine: Your account should genuine and authentic by which you need to represent as a real person, registered business, or brand.

Unique: According to Instagram, only one account per person or business will be verified but an exception for the language-specific accounts. Instagram cannot verify those accounts who are made for general interest like memes, pets, etc. also fan’s accounts cannot qualify and verified.

Public: If you want to verify your account, your account must be public. You cannot verify it by a private account. You can switch from the private account to the public account. The account should be viewable to everyone that is the plain and simple way.

Complete: You have to complete the other process like complete your profile bio, upload the profile picture, and at least one post on your account.

Remember one thing your profile cannot contain the “add me” link to other social media sites.

Notable: Your account must be represented – as the well-known, the highly searched person account. Your account must be featured by multiple news sources. But Instagram doesn’t count the paid and promotional content for review.

If anyone has the verified badge from the other social media that doesn’t mean that they will get easily from Instagram. Clearly, we say if one person is famous on one social media that doesn’t mean they are famous for all social media platforms. Instagram terms and conditions are very simple they provide the verified badge to only those accounts which are in the public interest and the notable accounts.

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Get Blue Tick on Instagram

Apply to verify on Instagram is done with some simple steps, and it will take very little time. Below we provide the steps to apply for verifying on Instagram but before that make sure when you verified the account (personal, business) you are login from that account only.

  • Make sure you’re logged into the account which you want to verify.
  • Then you can request for the verification.
  • Then select the menu icon which is top of the corner of your profile.
  • Then select the setting icon which is bottom of the screen
  • Then click the account option
  • Then click the request verification option
  • Then enter your name or business name.
  • Then attach the Photo ID for the person- driving license, passport, or any national identity card or the business the documents of the business-like article of incorporation, tax return, electricity bill.
  •  Finally, select the send button at the bottom of the screen then submit the verification request.

After completing the all process the Instagram will notify you whether your verification approved or denied. It will take some time, don’t expect immediately, it may take a couple of days or weeks. Make sure not to pay for the verification because Instagram has no charge for the verification it’s just a privileged to give their users i.e., the Instagram badge.

Some steps which help you to get verified your Instagram account

If you want to get verified your account the following steps will help you:

Have a great bio 

Instagram always looks at the bio of the user. So, it’s logical you have a great bio and with the relevant information about you or your business.

Post regularly

Post regularly shows the activeness towards the profile. Instagram provides the verification badge to the active user, not to the inactive users. But in the guideline, Instagram has written that one post will be sufficient, but honestly, it’s not true. We should post the new content regularly. If you are not using the Instagram platform regularly then there is no benefit for the verification.

Build your other social profile

A strong profile on other social media platforms makes your account more authentic and genuine. It is really helpful to get verification by Instagram. It also creates a good connection between you and other people.

Use relevant hashtag (#)

It is important to use relevant hashtag which helps the influencer. Relevant hashtag attracts the users toward the content but makes sure that use only that hashtag which is related to the content. Instagram and twitter suggest using popular hashtags.

Post at the best time

The timing is very important for the post on social media, therefore, post your content when the maximum number of people can see your post. It will help to increase your follower’s list also. You will check the correct time when the numbers of people are active and they will easily see your post. You can check the timing by the insight of Instagram.

Be newsworthy

Make sure that you appeared in several independent news sources, for that your account is so notable and many other users want to copy you. Your news report must be real and genuine, and you can release it in the press and to give them a helping hand. After that, you build the large coverage of the news.

But remember that the paid and promotional contents cannot be counted by Instagram.

instagram verification

How many followers do you need on Instagram to get verified?

There will be no specific number of followers to get verified on Instagram. One of the requirements for verification is to be a notable account. A great number of Instagram followers is the key indicator of the notable account.

When you have a great number of followers, it shows the authenticity and genuineness of your account. It is really helpful to get verified your account by Instagram. If you have more followers, it shows the credibility of your account for a public figure, celebrity, or a global brand it represents.

If you want to get a verified account for that you have at least 10k followers. This information is done by our survey.

Benefits of Instagram verification

Getting verification on the Instagram account is a plus point for every Instagram user and also there are so many benefits for that. It will enhance the credibility of your account and also look different in the crowd as a genuine and authentic account. The following benefits are for Instagram verification:

Higher trustworthiness

The blue badge is the symbol of trust on Instagram. Being verified on Instagram will increase your account credibility. It also developed the more visibility of your account. Users are always cautious about the giveaway contest and deals that they will take them as a scammer. But when you have the blue badge on your account, they will consider your account as a trustworthy.

Increase brand awareness

When you have the blue tick beside your username it will increase your brand awareness and also your followers. When someone searches by the name and you have a verification account it will be shown at the top of the search list. This will help you to get success in minimum time and develop the reputation of your brand.

Differentiate from the others

Instagram verification will help your account to differentiate from the other competitors and it also differentiates the celebrity account from the fan’s accounts. It’s just a prestige to the user.

Early access to special features

Another benefit for Instagram verified that they can get early access to the special features which other users will get after some time. For example the swipe-up features in the Instagram stories. These features only provide those users which have 10k followers but this feature is an exception to the verified users only.

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Other ways to show your account authentic if you can’t get verified

Verified is not the only way to show your account genuine and authentic, there are so many other ways that show the authenticity and credibility of your account. We know that verified badge will not get very easily but you don’t feel upset. We are here to solve your problem and provide the best tips to increase the credibility of your Instagram account. All you need it to do increase your engaging post, upload at the correct time and build a community around your brand.

This strategy will not help to get the verified badge but this will help to increase your account credibility and visibility.

Link from the other social media

Instagram suggests their user that you should link your account with other social media like- your website, your Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter. If you are verified on the other social media platforms this will help to get verified on Instagram also. But remember one thing don’t link in the bio.

Effective bio

Effective bio will very helpful to get verified but if you don’t verify then also effective bio will show your account credibility. People will reach you and read your great description, which will help them to believe your account is authentic and credible.

Use story feature

The story feature is one of the best ideas to show your credibility. The story feature shows the people behind the brand and business. It gives the chance to the followers to see what happens at the business in real-time.

Upload the story on regular basis, around 3-4 stories, it will show the credibility and increase the visibility of your account. Instagram also suggest their user use the feature of the story section they will help to boost your business and account.

Increase follower’s engagement

Engagement with the followers is a good sign to show your account authenticity. It will help you to highlight easily and you can encourage them to tag your business in their posts. Increase the engagement with the followers will get your account more visible and other people wants to follow your account.

Can your badge be removed?

One thing always remembers when you get the verified badge don’t lose it. Yes, you read it correctly Instagram has the right to remove the badge. If you do something misuse, fraud or if:

  • advertise, transfer or sell your Instagram verified badge or;
  • provide false information about the bio, profile picture, and identification proof or;
  • verified your account by the third party

So, if you received the Instagram verification badge then treat that privileged and don’t lose that privileged you earned. Not to give any chance to Instagram to take away your badge.


Here we discussed how to get verified on Instagram and how many followers do you need to be verified on Instagram? There is a simple formula to show your account credibility. When you get the verified badge, it will give the prestige to the user. Follow the above steps which we provided you and you will get the verified badge beside your username.

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