17 Super Easy Ways To Grow on Instagram

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Instagram is now become the most powerful social media marketing not only for personal but it allows to marketing your business. Around more than 1 billion users are on Instagram. Once you spend some time to leaning the power of Instagram media marketing it will be very helpful to grow on Instagram profile.

You pay the time to get the followers, likes, videos views by the potential users. It is worthy because all of them are the trustworthy and the real users from which they are genuinely interested in your contents and your business. There will be no issue regarding the fake and bot accounts and privacy issue will not be there. Take the advantage to provide the content to the potential user who really likes your content. It builds the very strong trustworthy relationship with their followers. Keep update with the new features on Instagram and provide the content accordingly will be helpful to growth your profile and business.

Write a good and clear bio for your profile

On Instagram your profile bio is a very valuable that welcome the other users to your profile. It is just like the information regarding yourself.  It is the first impression towards your profile. Usually we say that ‘first impression is the last impression’ by that the user comes to your profile and will get so much attract by your bio. The bio will always good and clear to the other users. In bio you can give the short description, contact information to yourself or business etc.

Tips which you include in your bio:

  • Name

It makes the sense to start with the name i.e., the username, brand name or the business name. It locates the top of your bio and it will help the others to search by the username. To represent the profile by the business name to attract the users towards the profile. People usually search the name of the business and brand.

  • Description

Your description is the fundamental of your bio. The description has 150 characters to provide the short summary regarding yourself or your business and brand. Description should be small and very attractive.

  • Profile photo

People will see the first thing in the bio is the profile photo. The profile photo is an easy to recognise and it is related your business. The photo will be consistent to the other social media so the users will easily be recognised.

  • Website

This is the only place where you can put the website URL otherwise there is no place on Instagram page to provide the URL of your website. Add the link in your bio and then visitors can easily come to your website.

  • Category

If you have the business profile select the business category. This appear to help the other user to identify the profile.

  • Call to action button

Call to action button is the important part of your bio.  When user come to your profile, they can easily direct contact with you or regarding your business. You can add a few things depending upon your businesses -like email, direction, contact number, etc.

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Define your target audience

Instagram target audience is most important part to your success. The user will do some research and target the audience, otherwise you don’t know the people likes your content or not. You can see your target audience post just to identify which content they like. The best way to understand your target audience is through social listening, otherwise it takes so much time to know about their interest. Target audience on online is much easier than the offline.

Tips for target audience:

  • Start with marketing persona

It is a profile of an ideal customer that you want to marketing your product. To create your buyer persona, you need to take closer look of the product or services for the people you think these are suitable the product.

  • Find out who your followers are

You can find out by the demographic. Go in the insights on the Instagram app and click the audience. There you can see the initial statistic on your followers i.e., age, gender, and their location. This will real helpful information about your audience. Then you will update according to them. When maximum number will be female or middle age, provide the content related to women and energetic which can attract towards your post.

  • Use hashtag #

Using the right hashtag can increase your reach on platform. Identify the popular hashtag and use them to increase the visibility among your target audience. While you post on Instagram never forget to use the hashtag (#).

  • Use location tagging

You can make the post used with the locating tagging features. People interested in the content and the event captured at which location. If the content is good, they will spend some time to view it. It shows the 100% organic of your content. 

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Reply on your target audience posts

Reply on your target audience posts is also very important. People always think to play with double side just like- likes for likes and comments for comments. So, it is important to reply to your target audience to influence towards your profile. It will build a good relationship between you and your target audience. If you are giving good response on their post you will be highlighted.

Start liking photos in your niche

Now the biggest currency on Instagram is likes. When you get higher number of likes on your post is more visible to the others. Likes is the important component on your Instagram strategy. If you want to develop your e-business for a particular things Instagram is the best social media marketing. When you upload the photos then users start liking and if the content is really great, then they will search your profile. Some steps should be following:

  • Prepare your profile

Firstly, your profile should look like a professional account. The bio should be short but very powerful and in below given the link of your websites. Upload some photos and videos so that your profile should not look empty.

  • Defining an audience

Secondly, decide your audience which niche is the best and they easily attract. If your niche is related to birds your content will be about birds and then you should find the user who really interested in birds. Same as who are interested in pets find them.

  • Finding the audience

You can find the audience by using hashtag. Use the most famous hashtag in your niche. Then search that related hashtag which other users use with their niche.

  • Interacting with the potential audience

Interacting with people who also interested the same niche. Start liking their niche and follow their accounts. When so many likes and commenting are received their posts, they start noticing and they will also check your niche and gives likes. 

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Follow other relevant accounts

When you are new on Instagram, Instagram encourage every user to contact to the people who you already know. For example: if you login from the Facebook the Instagram automatically suggest your Facebook contacts to follow on Instagram. You upload your contact number then also it suggests your contact on Instagram and you can follow them easily.

 Follow also those accounts who can follow you it also builds the connection. Follow the other relevant accounts because then you can easily see their photos and videos. Follow also those accounts which are related to your business, it really helps to get the idea for them which type of content people interested.

Share engaging content

Share the content which really attract the people. In which you should tell about your experience. Understand the audience interest according to them share your post. Provide the creative content, not to repeated same content. People want to see different things always. Sometimes emotional story will also attract the people easily. When you upload the post and the people start sharing your post it will be very helpful for your business. Their chances to get many more people will get attach with your profile. The potential user who really interested in your content get engage with your profile. Large sharing of the content will get the chances of the content will be visible to more people. The user will always want to relevant content which they share on their profile and by more people get engage with your profile.

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Post regularly

 Regularly post will help you to get a large number of likes on your post. It will help you to get engage and earn more followers. People who wants to think to grow fast on Instagram will post frequently. This will really helpful to get more visible to other users. Be loyal to your audience to post regularly and provide the good content of your brand. If you post on regular basis the audience is habitual to see your post and it built the faith between you and your audience. It shows the consistence towards your brand to post on regular basis.

Post at the correct time

The best time to post on Instagram is the multiple time zone. After we anylze we come here with the correct time so audience can easily attract with your post. People from different countries are on Instagram so it is normal that timing are different when they are active. So, we provide the overall best time to post.

Monday:  10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Tuesday:  4:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday:  10:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 11 p.m.

Thursday:  9:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.

Friday: 5:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m.,

Saturday: 11:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m.

Sunday: 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Use hashtags#

Instagram hashtag is very effective way to increase the engagement on your post. If you can add the hashtag and your account is the public account then the hashtag to your post will be visible to corresponding hashtag page. Using the relevant hashtag is the one of the best ways to target the new audience towards your profile. Numbers are allowed in hashtag but special characters are not allowed in hashtag. Around 30 hashtags will be use in post and 10 hashtags will be in story. This will be really a great number of hashtags will used in your post. Find out the most popular hashtags which will you use in your post. You can also use the hashtag link below your profile. Use always a relevant hashtag not irrelevant hashtag. Make sure your hashtag will be related to your post.

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Tag location

If you post the photo tag the location, Instagram will give the option when you upload the photo tag  location and sometime it’s not the same location but you can type the name of the location and Instagram search the location and post that location with your post. This feature will ideally lead the people know about your business location. It is really benefit to grow your business. Now Instagram comes with the new feature i.e., Location Stricker.

Aim for the explore page

Explore page is that page which is most popular and discovered page. Everyone wants their page will become the most explore page. You should strategically aim for the explore page. It is possible to explore page and exposure the new audience. Use the right caption and right tag which will be very helpful to easily explore the page by the audience. Instagram changes its algorithm time to time and now Instagram add the location feature that will be the important features to explore the page to the others.

 Post with compelling captions

Caption is most valuable thing in your post. Caption is the part to improve the Instagram post engagement. The caption should short and attractive which directly influence the audience towards the post. The caption will be related to the post and relevant. Just to decide what caption did really convey the audience. Make sure the caption with the powerful sentence will encourage the people to read it.

Share your posts on other social media platforms

Cross posting is very common nowadays. People will share their posts on other social media platforms usually. It usually saves the time to post differently on other social media. The language will be simple by that people can easily translate and understand.  

Caption, image formatting and language should be different so that same things see differently and not getting bored. Imagine you post regularly with the same post and with the word to word, on different social media, people will start ignoring your post. Try to write something unique about the image in other social media. But share the post on other social media show the activeness.   

Start using Instagram stories feature

After Instagram come with the new feature the Instagram story is become very famous. Now everyone wants to watch the Instagram story first rather to see new feed. Instagram story play a very powerful role where the people creativity will show. It also developed the boost and more engagement towards the business. It is very effective way to increase the traffic on your profile. In the Instagram story you can upload the image or videos. You can also apply the face filter for some time just for fun.

For the business purpose it’s a very good features they can show their product with add some drawing, handwriting, some different coloured background. You can add the text on this feature. GIF the common one usually uses in the Instagram story. This feature is very helpful to grow your business and increase their account visibility at the top who follows you.

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Keep an eye on Instagram insights

Instagram insight will be really helpful to target your audience, and post engaging content. It provides you to which post content is performed much. It is the key to develop your strategy. In Instagram insight you can compare your all post. It also helps you to find out the best time to upload the post. You’ll also check the daily data of the post. Instagram insight can take care of the review stage and their insight provide you which one works or which one is not. Insight provide the demographic also where you know about the age, gender and location which people came on the profile and content.

Giveaways n contests

If you are new and struggling on Instagram giveaway is a good option. Giveaway is limited-time promotion in which you can promise to give the product to the lucky one but in this specified criterion, it will give the encouragement for sharing the post. It also increases your followers. Give some time in giveaway contest it will be very benefit for your business.

 When you decide the giveaway contest it is essential there is a prize. There is a criterion to enter into giveaway contest. Then you will decide how long this Instagram giveaways will last. Create the attractive Instagram giveaway contest. Bright colours will be useful to attract the eyes, then telly the giveaway for its result. In last you announce the winner name of Instagram giveaway contest.

Always reply back in your posts

Anyone comments on your posts, always reply back, it shows the etiquette of the person. It also developed the relationship between the user and the audience. If someone gives a compliment on your post always reply back with thank you or much obliged with the emojis. Interaction in social comment with audience is an effective way to make the connection. When you reply the comment, you should mention their name. GIF and other social media extras can help to build the relationship. It also shows the professionalism and consistent towards your work. Quick reply will feel the customer valued.  Unanswered and negative comment can down your reputation, so always reply in a positive way.

Collaborate with others

Collaboration with others is very trading nowadays. Collaboration can be done by the complete preparation and strategy. Find the right partner to collaborate with your content. To check out their Instagram bio and their website contact page. Make sure you both clear on the things. Your product can collaborate and come out with the new offers, like seasonal offers, a limited-edition collection, offer or discount for a certain period. Instagram story is the quickest way of collaboration. A good collaboration can be done for a week or a day. Make a video together and attract the other followers towards the videos content. Run the giveaway content together and run the page together. Work together and build a good relation. It will help you to grow their business quickly. 

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