How to remove followers from your Instagram account in 2020?

How to remove followers on Instagram?

Do you want to prevent your account from some of your Instagram followers? Or how to remove
followers on Instagram in 2020?

Here you get the answers to your questions. Remove those accounts which you think that they are
not fitting for your followers’ list, they cannot see your stories and your timeline.
There are so many reasons to remove the followers for your account. As it may be some followers
are bots or fake, some of your followers you don’t like to see your content, those who don’t like your
content and write an irrelevant comment which you don’t like it and also many more reasons are there.

The better precaution is to follow that you should select your account as private account for that
they cannot access your content again and they have no option to follow your account or you just
block those accounts.

Here are some steps to remove Instagram followers.

1. Click on your Instagram profile icon

How to delete followers from Instagram, for that take the first step to open your account then go to
your profile icon and click that button.

2. Select the follower’s list

Tap to the follower’s list and search the user, whom you want to remove from your Instagram
followers list. You can search in two ways by using the tying bar just type the username or you
should also search by scrolling the list then select the user.

3. Click on the 3 dots (⋮)

When you find the user, whom you want to remove from followers list on Instagram then you
should select the vertically 3 dots (⋮) they will show on the right side.

4. Select to remove pop-up

Then you see a pop-up button of remove. Select the “remove” button to remove your Instagram
follower. The interesting part is that they will not know about the removal and they will also not
receive any notification that you remove from your follower’s list.

This is the process to remove the followers on Instagram.

One more thing users want to know that – How to hide followers on Instagram?

The best way is to switch your category from public account to private account. So that whom you
want to follow your account only that accounts will follow you and another person can’t follow you.
They will not be checking your timeline, stories, and your followers and the following list also. If you think
some accounts are literally annoying, then just block those accounts. Blocking steps
Remember one thing while you remove Instagram followers, you can remove the Instagram
followers from iTunes and Play Store, not through the website on a computer or laptops.

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