Top 11 Ways to Use Instagram for Real Estate in 2020

use instagram for real estate

Nowadays Instagram becomes one in all the fastest-growing social media sites in real estate. Instagram is the most effective digital site to extend your business very fast, once you use it correctly. People generally persist on Instagram and see the beautiful pictures then why not show the photographs of properties. To try to your real estate marketing for showing the images and videos supported the content formats make it easy to showcase the properties. Instagram is one in all the best ways to manage once you recognize all ways it can work for your business and it’s free for advertising your real estate marketing. Here are 11 tips and tricks to use Instagram for real estate:

1. Set an outlined goal

When you are using Instagram for business purposes firstly considered your set goal that why you advertising on Instagram? So, create a listing of leads you wish to achieve, just like:

  • Local property owners: Start searching the local owners who are visiting sell or rent their properties.
  • Correct client: then you wish to travel through that who wants to shop for or rest listing within the local area.
  • Previous client: then you’ll be able to also look to refer your business services to their previous contacts.
  • Agent: then you’ll be able to also make a referral agent in your area.

When you set a transparent goal in mind throughout these processes, will make sure that you may always on the right track and you’ll be counted the highly competitive business person in the market whether it’s a local area or a replacement city.

2. Target demographic

When you target your audience then it’ll be easier for your business to post your content as per their interest. you’ll target by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Members in a very family
  • Married or not
  • Income range
  • Preferential area, etc.

When you should determine to your best lead then you’ll have the higher able to connect with them at the correct time. It’ll all start to line your real estate page consistent with the interest of the buyers so your business grows very instantly.

3. Create a Bio with your Real Estate profile

Bio is one of the foremost important things on Instagram. It’s a foremost thing when people come to your profile and the first thing they see on your profile. So, it’s logical to form your bio very attractive by that folks can easily influence your profile or generally, we are saying the primary impression is that the last so like that it’ll be very clear, engaging and encourage the people to require and follow your profile. Tips for bio:

  • Write your business name at the top and in bold letters.
  • Show your helping nature to find out the right home
  • Write niche
  • Contact numbers
  • Link of your website
  • These will facilitate you to make the right bio for your business.

4. Add a Photograph

You can upload your professional photo. This may help you to point out your profile as more trustworthy. So when people come to your profile they’ll see the image of the person, they get more influence rather than to show an image of a real estate and when the people meet you then they’ll be easily recognized you and that they feel you’re a more trustworthy seller.

5. Upload High-Quality Images and Videos

It is important to upload high-quality images and videos to influence the greater number of individuals. Photos are going to be shown because it sounds like a really clear image, and you’ll be able to write that all of them have an analogous style well it’s show that. Tips for upload pictures:

  • The image should be very perfectly fitted to the square layout
  • Line up along with your brand image
  • Coordinate along with your brand scheme
  • Represent the listing as you’re proud to point out your collections
  • Use the collage of the photographs.

6. Use Hashtags (#)

A hashtag is the most powerful tool on Instagram for searching the content. It’ll be very beneficial to extend the reach of your Instagram content. You’ll use the popular hashtag but it’ll be relevant to your content. Instagram allows 30 hashtags in one post and you’ll be able to use it very effectively. Tackle the hashtag follow the strategies:

  • See the common search hashtag by the audience
  • Look your competitive use it in what manner
  • Create your brand hashtag
  • Use the popular hashtag which will help to indicate your content on an identical hashtag
  • Use profile.
  • Some common hashtag you’ll be able to use in your content like #yourneighbourhood/city, #forsale, #forbuy, #realestate, #home, #bungalow, #luxuryliving, etc.

7. Post the Local Attraction, Restaurants, and Cafes

Properties don’t exist in a very vacuum rather they’re a part of the neighborhood. Post the encircling properties like restaurants, cafes, businesses which will very helpful for the client and that they will look more appealing to you because they’re going to get their dream neighborhood. You’ll also upload the short videos of your neighborhood, people walking on the road, community parties. This may be visiting very helpful to influence the greater number of individuals towards your profile.

8. Post at the Correct Time

Consistency is incredibly important to urge more engagement in your business. After you post at the right time when a large number of users are active, then the people may see your post and influence by your content. But now you see around thousands of posts published in one hour so you’ll post on a scheduled timing by which your content is seen by many users.

9. What not to post on your Instagram Profile

You got so many tips for what to post but what not to post is as equally important to increase your engagement. Here we discover some tricks after you publish your content:

  • You can use only professional language because most of the buyers are parents.
  • Never mixed your business and private content because it shows the unprofessionalism, 
  • Use always relevant content when is relatable to your business
  • Think always before post that is it perfect content to draw in the audience towards the profile.
  • The brand conversation is vital if you have the ability to handle the negative comments in a positive way in this way others will also influence.

10. Inspire and Motivate the Audience to Demand the Property

If you are not inspired or motivated the audience then there’s no need for your digital marketing. You’ll be able to inspire and motivate the audience by posting the content which motivates the audience to prevent adjourning and dive in now. That inspiration content is enough to encourage the audience to require action. Always publish some inspirational and motivational contents from some gap, consistently for that to extend your engagements.

11. Share Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are extremely important because they developed trust between buyers and sellers. You’ll be able to upload your previous client videos thereon you’ll be able to show how their life will change after they came to in the new home. Clients share the experience with you which will facilitate to assemble and maintain the trust which is incredibly crucial during this business. Clients also provide the information by their testimonials that you simply can get your dream home within your budget.


Hopefully, the following pointers will facilitate you to push in your real estate business and how to market real estate on Instagram. It’s a strong platform to inquire about the advantages and also obtain more engagements towards your business. You’ll be able to increase your engagement by getting a huge amount of followers. It’ll also encourage your business and others will get influence to determine the list of your followers, and your business will grow instantly. So, to Buy Instagram Followers click here.

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